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Since year 6, I have been celebrating Tiffy's birthday. Can't believe this little girl has been on mommy's side for more than 15 years, and guess what, that's even more than half of my life! Mommy can't really imagine what life would be like without this warm-hearted little girl. She went through my life as I transform from a girl, a tennager, and now a low-paid student aka worker. Mom isn't really sure where we would be in the very next stage of our life, but as always, I certain you'll be there.



It has been a while since SiaSia went out on a trip with us. 


Yes, she's doing great, both her and her mom.


We went to our favorite place again, Pepperdine University. You just can't get to find luxuary grass field beside here.


Arggg...get away from me, humans.


Look like Tiffy isn't really statified with this look.

Tiffy got her birthday cake from THE DOG BAKERY. Her dad bought a cute pink leash as her birthday present  :)


It has been hard on these days to line the kids up. Look at their terrible posing faces. 


Yeah, now the smiles. Everyone smiles as human starts distributing the cake.


Definitely having smiles on Tiru's silly face. 


Few weeks before that day, we brought Tiffy for her first grooming experience. Kinda another b'day gift from her daddy (her daddy was generous!!). I always have wanted to take Tiffy for dog grooming since I did a really bad job keeping her nice and fluffy. However, Tiffy is such a sensitive girl that I afraid she would not feel well.....Well, it turned out just fine. See how cute Tiffy is after the cut! Everyone can tell she is might younger  :P (no doubt even the groomer).


This was the first trip after Tiru starting home rehab from her second ACL injury. She is doing like a CHAMP! Seriously, she ran a whole lot that day! It was her first run after the surgery back in July. To be honest, I was pretty emotional, my boy finally got back to default, AGAIN. Please please please, no more re-tear. Mom was, literally, broke.


My silly little Prince. 


We are about to go through a big change in our lives, but we are a little uncertain where our future goes. I should stay positive, as I know all four of you would still be by my side, paws to paws. :)


Happy Birthday my little birthday girl. 美國萬歲(?誤)


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