Feb 15, 2015 a day after Valentine, the furry kids went to Big Bear Lake AGAIN
The moms have no more NEW places to go after a year of going to most places

so needless to say, Big Bear Lake again since LA country is wayyyyy to hot that weekend

This time we park at the starting point (?) of Alpine Pedal Path
Unfortunately it is a leashed trail and we really hate leashing them up!

Good that the trail has an easy access to the beach and it is off-leash!!


We need to get some cool air and of course, a place to soak up in the water
The 3 little ones went all the way to the shore without hesitation


Not hard to guess, Tissue is the only one willing to get ALL wet into the water


Love the scene!!!!! Snow, mountains, trees, beaches, perfect weather!


But its acutally FREAKING cold!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Imagine that its onlly 60 degree F on the mountains and the water is even colder than that

Tinkerbell: Nope, no swimming today.


I also wonder why this bravery girl would insist on rescuing the little crab no matters Summer, Autumn, Winter  :p


Tinkerbell cheat by waiting for her sis to get back


This is actually our onlly and last little crab,
I need to get more when I get back home this year!

Hard to imagine that these toys which are just $1 are Tissue's all-time favorite.
(Then why would I even spend $40 for toys last week....)


More more more, Tissue was actullay shivering everytime she landed 


The other two also got plenty of exercise even on land


Well, only Tissue swam that day, and there was a point where she said enough and quit.
Luckily she decided to give the last shot before we almost lost the last little crab


It was too hot down the mountains and it was too cold up here XDDD
We gave up having the kids to swim and decided to take them for a hike,
hoping they would get some energy burnt and we could get back to the beach.


We went to Cougar Crest Trail which is just right across the road
We thought it is a off-leash place but it wasnt.........

but.....but....but....well, i guess you can see from the picture itself without my explanation, hehe.


We were luckily that there were not too many people on that trail.
We made sure the kids were all under control when anyone crossed by

The hike went pretty good that day, I would say
Actaeas is so in control! He would do anything his mom asked!


I felt that the shot is a little too empty? I guess its time for Actaeas to get more furry bros XDDD


The trail was fairly easy, zero elevation gain, and only around 1.5 miles


I guess this is what Tiru would ask for for every trail! He was good that day, no need to push/carrry/force him.


The three little ones were all the way ahead of us.
Tinkerbell is getting 1 yr next month.

She finally got more confidence and would wanted to be the first one leading us.
She used to stay by our feet when we went outdoor, now she is brave to explore everything!


Here comes the all-you-can-see-once-in-a-year Flying Tiru!!!!!!
(Its actually that I didnt have time to take him out for plenty of walks thats why he was acting hyper today)


Cant resist the tiny little foot Tinkerbell has!!! 手掌外漏!
Exactly as what her sister did a year ago  XDDD



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