Summer is always the best time to explore, so of course we took the opportunity during July 4th long weekend and set out.


The sun in California is no kidding, I wanted to do water activities.
We found a lot of dog-friendly activities (river rafting, kayaking, boat rental, canoes, etc in NorCal).

So here we are at Trukee River Raft, which is about 50 minutes drive from downtown Lake Tahoe.


Here's our boatman (?) for the weekend. Mom and the pups stayed relax and enjoyed the view.


Oh~ 2 cutie labs on their trip down the river.


Of course our pups wouldnt stay nice and quiet in the raft, Tiffy took all the chance she got to get off and soak herself in the water.


Tinker hates water, she cried the whole trip.
(Hey girl you werent even in the water OK....)


Tissue jumped out the raft quite a few times........and yap, I got all soaked up trying to get my families back on boat.


Haha, Tinker jumped off the raft to stay with her sis. 
Now both of them were wet!


Such a relaxing afternoon rite! 
Boatman: (speechless)


Tiru found herself a good spot, she's really good at balancing. Enjoying being petted by handsome guys (?!).


Actaeas's face went down after he somehow got knocked off the raft. 
Nope, he doesnt like water.


Anti-waterdog Tinker.


Oh, the faces just melt my heart <3


Just too cute not to share~~~


Finally the girls got to calm down, Tinker was drying herself up.


No no no, Tissue spotted ducks and went crazy again.


Not totally surprised, Tissue got off to chase the duck. 
Mom went down to chase Tissue, somehow Tinker jumped off to chase us (Tissue I suppose)............

We set the raft by the side of the river, and then Tiffy got off too.....

Oh well, now we had the family memebers all over the place.
It took me a while to stop Tissue from chasing the duck and had everyone back.

People around us cheered, how embarrassed was that.....


Can't you guys just let me enjoy this peaceful moment for 5 minutes!!!!
No more off-the-raft for 5 minutes, OK!!!!!!!!!!

I didn't have a chance the take photos at the end of the trip.
Honestly, it was actually the best part. The water was much faster at the end, like a level 2 rafting.
Tiru got knocked off the raft (haha). Luckily we had a leash on her so I managed to pull her up fast. 

Here are some other dog-friendly adventures that are on my to-go list for the summers to come  :)

Truckee River Raft: http://www.truckeeriverraft.com/

American River Raft Rentals: http://www.raftrentals.com/

Russian River Adventure: http://russianriveradventures.com/

Catch-A-Canoe: http://catchacanoe.com/

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