As a previous dog owner in TW, I miss the rivers, the water activities back there!
I rememberred driving 40 minutes and able to find the coolest (coldest actually) and cleanest river I've been too.

It has been a struggle for me to find decent places to swim in.
But still, here we are at the Hobo Fishing Trail by the Kern River, a two and half drive from LA.



This is a camping site by the river. It's true that we can find plenty of those in Northern California. 
But yea of course not in SoCal.

Still, to be honest, these are nothing comparable to those Tiru has been to back then.
The little girls enjoy rescuing their toy (named Little Crab).
Tinkerbell doesnt like swimming so she mostly waits on the shore and trying to steal from her sister. 


The downside of having a river by the campsite is that there are just way too much trash. 
Tiru seems to be active that day, yeah, searching for leftovers.......


Sneaky Tinkerbell again!

Actually Tinkerbell knows that she is no match with her sis, thats why she doesnt bother to get into the water. 
If we somehow let Tinker starts the move, she is also a pretty good retreiver. 


See! This is what I'm talking about!


The older girls rather stay dry (and dirty).


Well, I trusted Tinkerbell too much on this fetch and she missed. 
We lost the Little Crab (oh no). Tissue was still trying to find her drowned Little Crab.  


The water is always too cold for the girls. They pretty much do only 10 rounds and thats it for the day.
(Oh well we did drive for almost 3 hours).

We hang around the river, walked along the trails. The view is really nice though. 
Will rate this place a 4-star if you have a water dog! ^.<


Oh wait, we do have a water dog!

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