As you all can see, this is a combined article for 3 pups birthday
Mom is really tired of writing anymore...................

If not for the memory of my fur kids, I swear I would not want to write anymore....


Tinker's birthday was actually way back in March (hehe...)
V mom made this really really cute cake for her!!

Its little Tinkerbell running happily!


But the day actually turned out to be a real tragedy....
While we are taking solo pic for the birthday girl, she got a bite on the cake.

Guess what, her sister Tissue was furious and they actually got into a fight........


This was how the birthday end.............broken relationship between the sisters lol
And wait take a close look at the cake, Tiru got a big bite while the girls fought.......

(and what, Tissue got a big bite punch around her nake...)

This was actually the first time I saw the madness Tinker.....she has such a good personality until her second birthday.


Ok, girls still know how to share after the fight.


Silly Actaeas, he is such a gentlement, never get mad at the girls.


And here comes Tiffy all alone in her world, neglecting all others.


The girls were back to normal, I guess they just have a small brain?!


Please girls, dont fight again. Tinker, never bite your sister!!!!! She got a HOLE!!!!

====================== Here comes the second birthday day  ======================


Tiru is born on May 12th while Actaeas on the 13th. 
They have been sharing their birthday party since Actaeas 1st birthday!!


I am always impressed by V's mom talent! 
If I can even bake......awh.......


Happy birthday to these 2 "boys". (一個真男人太娘, 一個女人又太man)


After their last fight, V's mom has tried her best to make cake that DOESN'T smell good.
(So that the doggies wont go crazy....)

Looks like it works, the girls behave that day.


The birthday boy got to finish the last bite.


School bullying!!!! Look how cute & pinky Tinker's paws were!!


Hey my prince, its your 11th birthday, its my greatest fortune that you are still healthy and happy.
I know life has been hard hiking with us (XDDD), but mom just couldnt leave you behind.

I promise you, I'll carry you to all our adventures even you wouldnt to walk! 
Yap, just be the lazy kid you have been over the past 11 years~~~


And last, my dear Tinker Tinker, you have been the most wonderful kid mom has ever had!
You have such a great personality, and I only saw you being mad ONCE (at your own birthday party).....

You followed mom whenever I go, you love me after I punished you, you gave me the smile 365 days round a year!
It's so great to have you around and I know that you are going to be here for MANY years to come!

Happy birthdays, birthday kids  <3 <3 <3

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