It has been raining crazy in SoCal this year!
and guess what, it turns out that we get plenty of snow here!! woohoo!!

I remember last year having little snow and a boring winter...argww....


So, to get a X'mas-like Christmas, we decided to go to Big Bear Lake to prepare ourselves for the coming trip to OREGON!!!!!!
Doesn't tiru look too cute!


I was feeling super super cold when I got out the car that day.
The first thing it struck was that how am I going to survive in Oregon...oh no....I wanna hide in the car.....

So, to ensure the doggies anit cold and looked funny during X'mas, I do prepare plenty of funny clothes...

Tissue was chasing the snow ball and thought it was her beloved toy!


Tiffy was the only girl who is not afraid of cold!!!! But I said, the costume is only for entertainment purpose


She is the one who LOVES snow. She will roll in the snow like the flying angel


I bet the 2 little fellas were all shivering! The snow that day wasn't magnificient 
(but what can you expect in SoCal...haha)


Prince Charming and me!!! I gonna set this as my new profile pic!


The 2 gals were shivering but not too bad that day.
Let's see how you would survive in Oregon!


Little prince hates snow and cold temperature! But he was doing really well that day.


Due to his health issue, I always worried about him.
Is he too cold, too tired, too boring?! ha....


Just love the way the paw looks in the snow!


Actaeas was a snow man that day! Our gals didnt get to have new clothes for the Xmas,
but all the old clothes I brought from TW....haha

This happens in a family with 4 children....


The scarf looked clean and nice at the start of the play.....
You will see how dirty it turned into.....


Prince Charming wasn't hyper that day but still out of sight most of the time!


Haha, this snow man is melting me! Way too cute!


The 3 with a hat got to take a pic together


Did anyone recognize this handsome boy was playing a reindeer that day? 


And tiffy was like a lost reindeer in the woods.


This little coyote looked perfectly in the snow


And I am quite certain he will be a bully if he ever attended school
or is it just Tinkerbell good at acting?


Last but not least, I put them all in this "who is the cutest" contest
No 1 here comes Tissue and the Snowman 

Awww....her eyes are melting me!


Here comes No. 2 and oh well you looked silly and what the HXLL happened to your scarf!!!!!!


Haha, here comes the No.3 which thinks that all people are fools


Here comes the most handsome guy in the world,
my BELOVED tiru who definately won the first place since only my vote counts  XD

and oops Tiffy didnt join the contest becuz she didn't even want to look at the camera....


Last but not least~~ Do you want to destroy a snowman~~~~~~~
We built the snowman together so we asked the kids to destroy the snowman....which took liked 10 minutes....

How could you guys be so gentle? Were you afraid that the snowman ghost might visit tonight?

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to Yall~~~~~~~~~

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