The Sunday on the 12th, we went for a regular (?!) hike!!!
Actaeas is still in the recovery process so we do need other doggie friends to make our trip funner....

yes, tiru u are really toooo boring!!!


So here we were, woohoo!! Four adults & six puppies at Seely Creek Trail!!!
This is one of the trails Actaeas mom found, located in Crestline (in San Bernadino mountains)

It is supposed to be a "water-based" trail, ideal for a summer hike!


But the whole day it was totally "dry-land-based"
To have a basic intro on our four leggy friends....we had dodo and molly joining us that week

their parents threw them away again (?!), leaving my friends taking care of them!



Tissueee was the leading girl for the whole day, she was trying to look for swim swim swim swim swim!!!!!
i was so content that tissue turned into a 94% waterdog eventually

It wasnt hot that day, but I can tell she was trying to get down to the valley to get into the river
(but it's just not raining recently and the whole place is dry....)


Tissue is a good 100% recalled puppy, so I never have to worry about having her tooooo far from us


Dou Dou is a 100%-not-recalling-back puppy....so he had to stay on the leash the whole day haha


And yes I had to stay 100% focus on Tiru since he ever wanted is to take a rest or walk for a few miles less......


It turned out that doudou was the most adorable dog among the 6 of thems lol (表示高舉手震驚不是好笑)


Finally we got here!!!  The main POI in this trail is this heart shaped rock
I bet if Actaeas mom was here, she would definitely look up why the rock turned into this heart shaped

but unfortunately I was the one here and I am lazy enough to look it up, hehe

Well, it was a fairly easy hike. Oh I should say not even level 1 compared to our previous hikes!


It only took us like less than 20 minutes to reach the rock. 
So we took a few photos there since we did not know what to do next.....


See how gorgerous Tiru and Tissue were!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I know I didnt have a good light setting in this shot, but I love their pose!


I am obessed in how the light (position of sunlight) shines on them!


It is also difficult to get a perfect shot for my puppies!
but I guess all the good and bad photos keep a forever-lasting memory for all of us~


haha, my lion king!


Tiru was 鄙視? at the “little people" below
My friends were trying to get a good (fake) family picture with molly and dou dou~


Here comes the most handsome king in the worrrrrrld!!!!


I guess they wouldnt mind showing up in this blog (?!)
(hehe, well, they dont have a choice)

such a cute couple and you (對僑社我在說你) will definitely turn out to be a great doggie mom!


haha, obessed with the sunlight again! (we were totally ignoring the main heart shaped rock haha)


Love this pic!!!!!!!!!!!!! But I was no where in the frame....


We found a even easier route when returning.....so here it is
to ge to the rock, there is an easy trail as well as an easy as a piece of cake trail

we took the easy one when going back! definitely a great place for Actaeas "returning to adventrure hike"
(but its just too boring for us to join??? hahahaha)


Well, it took us another 15 minutes to walk to the END OF TRAIL!!!
now you can really see how easy it is!


Tissue why were you in the background when the sign says "NO TRESPASSING"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Autumn is coming (or already came) in California! Its time for us for look for fall color~~~
Let's go~~~~~~~~~

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