我用盡了最大的力氣去守護她們, 去得到笑容。妳呢?


Last weekend we didnt have any plans for small trip so we ended having a relaxing day trip in LA
back to Runyon Canyon where tissue can socialize!!!

This is such a MUST for Tissue and I definitely felt that she is improving everytime we went there


I know this pic is meaningless but I just felt that we looked like pro moms ready for a BIG hike
(which was actually only 30 mins going up and 20 mins going down......)

anyway as i am being so fat....i think I really need to start moving......(starting next next next week)


The trail is wide  but Actaeas insisted on walking on NON-trail


it just a little toooo hard this weekends, Ti-sisters were all trying to find a shade to walk-in


BINGO~ Tiffy got the perfect spot


I still have to leave a leash on tissue even though this is a off-leash hiking trail
she will still go WAY CRAZY sometimes when big dogs are approaching us.....

its just much easier for me to stop her from killing other dogs/herself


after 20 mins of hiking under the sun
Actaeas was still acting as if he just arrived.....


On the other hand, Tissue looked like she was going to dry up anytime....
what a huge difference....I always wanted a HYPER-DOG

when would my dream that hard to come true?!


fat tiru looked as if she was running but she wasnt actually
she was always the one lagging all the way behind and that I had to wait for her while taking a rest


(still a long way to go)

but u can see Ti-sisters were all 陣亡.....
we took a long rest here...with the super nice view and breeze


Go Go...come on kids, time to go

(Really like this picture since I looked like the leader of this pack and were giving orders)


fat mom, I just need a rest......


"some dogs just couldnt make it"  as quoted from his owner

This was real fun as his owner actually had to carry him all the way down


okie....same here....
I literally have to drag Tissue or else she would stop walking....

hey...I thought u are the youngest in the family....


Awww...Tiru was the first one to get on top!!


Okie...I lied...of course it was Actaeas the non-stopping guy


Time to get all the energy back....all of them were having pinic at the top of hill....

So...whats the point of hiking if u all got the fat back that fast?


We saw a basset on our way back....and Tissue was SOOOOO mad at this dog....
i thought he looked exactly like your sis tiru??

any problems with that??


Not sure why Ti-sisters were running so happily with Actaeas mom??

Is it because I was actually in front and all of them were coming for me??


okie.... a little too tired here...
i think its time to switch back to Chinese....................

(but typing english seems to be way faster?!)


We got to our second spot for today  Lake Hollywood Park
it is a park located up on a residencial hill

It is impossible to find you unless u found that online
Actaeas mom found that place when she was surfing the net AT WORK

(up to date...i still couldnt understand why she has so much free time XDDDD)


This is a BRAVO BRAVO BRAVO six stars out of five stars park!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Unofficial off-leash park but every keeps their dogs off-leash.... hehe

No fences at all...which was perfect for us to socialize with big dogs
also, not as many people as in a dog park where Tissue tends to get more nervous


See how happy Tiffy was!!!!!!!  簡直就是顆小納豆


Tiffy 表示: This is So-Cal life~~~~~~~
(okie...I didnt realize that my daughter can now speak English...)


You can find Tiru wherever there are food.........
Fat is not accumulated in a day???!!!


Sometimes I felt that dogs who are obsessed with toys are kinda of 可憐
for example...Tissue was too tired to do anything by the time we arrived the park

but she had to chase the ball and come back whenever I threw it out

cute cute cute!!


Oh...then we saw this pointer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
gosh, I have known this breed before "Vizsla" but being the first time actually seeing one....

it totally makes my plan out of plan (<---計畫不在室計畫?)
I plan to have a German pointer and Weimaraner when I am rich enough to have large dogs

but now I would need a pointer, a Weimaraner, and a Vizsla to make my home complete!!!


yap....after talking for so long...Tissue was still working on fetching all the balls back...


I have to say that I am not 偏心not to put in Actaeas photos
but honestly, he was "flying" all around and there were not many photos that got a good focus on him

yes...literally...he was flying all the time!!!


on the other hand (again), Tiru seemed to be running but it was such a piece of cake to get a nice pic


Seee~~~how handsome is a hunt dog
which makes me want to have all those large breeds hunt dog in my future home!!


Before sunset, I forced the models to take a good picture with the hollywood sign
it was incredible that the park has such a great view to this sign


Yap, I was giving instructions to the kids

"Hey  look over there   please give me a good post and you cant block the sign okie?!"

while we were taking good pictures, a fan of us (好我只是製作多情 是我們讀者而已) recognized us!!!
she recognized Tiru and Tiffy, and knew that we were from TW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

yap, she is a Taiwanese....

so after taking the group pic we decided to head out and talk to the new friend who owns a french bulldog

*group pic will be updated* 


on the way there, we met a HYPER-bulldog that was obessed with this red ball!!!!!!!!!!!!
literally, this was the cutest thing I had ever seen

he was chasing the ball NON-STOP ALL OVER THE PLACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

he is a bulldog...I am so afraid he would get a 熱中暑 since they are not known to be hyper-active dog breed.....


but he just couldnt stop........


Ok, he stopped. But making a super handsome pose in the end since all the cameras were on him

Okie, to wrap up, this is the best park I ever found in LA
we should can here more often to get Tissue socialize!!!!!!

she only got 80/100 today....since she barked/yelled/snapped/bite at a basset, a Labrador and and and....I lose count.......today....

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